Kerala Jackpot Result 2024

Kerala Jackpot Result 2024

Kerala Jackpot Result 2024 – According to a university spokeswoman, the Himachal Pradesh Technical University’s petition to begin offering dual degree programs for its students under the National Education Policy, 2020 has been approved by the academic council.

According to the spokesman, students can now pursue dual degree programs in institutions connected to the university, including Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology (Btech-Mtech) and Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (BBA-MBA).

Kerala Jackpot Result 2024

Permission granted for research institutes as well Kerala Jackpot Result 2024

Permission to build research institutes at Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Sundernagar, and Hydro Engineering College, Bilaspur, has also been given by the academic council.

In addition, the university Kerala Jackpot has chosen to start Ph.D. programs at engineering colleges in order to promote research in the field of engineering. In order to make this easier, the academic council established a committee and issued directives defining the guidelines for Ph.D. programs.

The establishment of research centers at Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College in Sundernagar and Hydro Engineering College in Bilaspur was also approved by the academic council. According to the spokesman, the university chose to launch PhD programs in engineering colleges in order to encourage engineering-related research. In order to decide on the rules, the Academic Council established a committee and gave it instructions.

The choice was made at the university’s 33rd academic council meeting, which was chaired by vice chancellor Prof. Shashi Kumar Dhiman.

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